Penduka is
there for us

Women in Namibia suffer from a low social status, which makes it difficult for them to find a job. As a result, the entire family lives in poverty. This vicious circle is often strengthened by a physical handicap or by diseases like tuberculosis and HIV AIDS. Penduka tries to break this negative circle by providing these women with work. This way they can support their families and as a result their social status will
improve both within their family and within their
local community.

Penduka is a non-governmental development organisation working with women in Namibia. Penduka is based in Katutura, the former black township of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

Penduka women make beautiful products. The type of products that you would like to put as an ornament in your house, or use on a daily basis. Products that will enrich your life. In addition the women are trained so as to be able to run Penduka independently and thereby provide for themselves.

A product for you is therefore an income for the women of Penduka. Not only that, but by buying products you also contribute towards financing Penduka's educational- and health projects.


  • provides work for about 660 women, 110 of
    whom are on a permanent contract and 550
    of whom work as a so called member;
  • supports nearly a thousand tuberculosis
    patients in nineteen clinics;
  • was founded in 1992 and is not dependent on subsidies or donors;
  • organises exchange programmes between the Netherlands and other European countries;
  • gives out interest free loans and helps women getting loans for their studies or to buy a house.