The market of the continents 2011.
Taking place in the museum Dahlem in Berlin, Germany
A journey around the world in 8 days.
Four continents in four weeks and Penduka is joining . During the Africa weekend of the market of the continents dated Sa 19./So 20.11. 2011 Penduka
attends the market to promote our products and the project.
Sa 19./Su 20.11.2011: Africa
Sa 26./Su 27.11.2011: Asia
Sa 03./Su 04.12.2011: Amerika
Sa 10./Su 11.12.2011: Europe
Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Buying nice gifts - listening to world music - enjoying the fair and expositions: that's what you can do at the market " Markt der Kontinente".
For the 15th time the market attracts a lot of visitors with unique Christmas gifts and the experience of different cultures from the 4 continents, live on stage or in various workshops. More than 60 exhibitors, artists and projects sell during 4 weekends handwoven cloth, indian jewels or toys from Mexico. The sale of products is accompanied by weekly changing concerts, workshops, and guided tours. There is much more to see and experience, also for Penduka. We hope to meet a lot of interested customers and friends.
Location: Museen Dahlem – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Lansstraße 8, 14195 Berlin
Ethnologisches Museum, Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Museum Europäischer Kulturen,

 www.marktderkontinente.de, www.smb.museum, www.facebook.com/marktderkontinente

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29th September 2011, Penduka invited to FAB in Wetterau, Germany

Following the previous year success FAB, a German non-profit-making organization for women, work and education, has organized a one-day event “Tag der Vielfalt” inviting people and projects with different cultural background under the theme „Stick together – Win the future“.  The event is organized under the umbrella of an intercultural week with a lot of activities in the area of Frankfurt/ Wetterau, Germany.

Initiated by Irmhild Neidhard, the division manager for education at FAB, Penduka has been invited to join the event for the first time. Penduka was welcomed as a special guest during the opening ceremony by FAB. Fred Bouwmeester and Christine Polenz have been representing Penduka throughout the day with several presentations, product marketing and sale and discussions about Penduka. The visitors were interested and were very enthusiastic about Penduka and the unique products, handmade in Namibia by the Penduka women.

Penduka and FAB have very much in common: support and education of women, support for children day care, teaching of awareness to healthy leaving, motivation and strengthening the independency of women. Even the founding year of both organizations is the same. Both organizations were founded in 1992 with the aim to empower women.

Penduka is very much looking forward to cooperating with FAB in the future. We found a very strong co-operation partner in Germany and would like to give our best thank to FAB for the invitation and especially to Irmhild Neidhard, who approached Penduka during her holiday trip in Namibia.

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Economist Namibia - Penduka, a serene escape from the city bustle

...Penduka Namibia is found furthest on a long gravel road from the Green Mountain Street, a turn from the infamous Eveline Street four-way stop.
All in all, far from the excessive noise from juke boxes, Penduka is a great escape from the congestion and buzz, be it people and traffic. At Penduka, which means wake up, one get the chance to reflect and get in touch with nature once more, “awaken” your inner spirit and just relax. I feel rejuvenated. I would go back any time...

Read the full article here

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New Penduka fabric

Three women from Warongo, working at Penduka, have made a beautiful hand-embroidered fabric​​ with the village story of Warongo. From this garment we have made a pattern wich is printed on 100% cotton. We can use this material to make, tablecloths, curtains, embroidery kits, etc. This allows the products to be cheaper and the women who made the original to receive royalty on sales.

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Fair for design and applied arts Meesterlijk

Penduka at Meesterlijk Amsterdam was a great success. Everyone who helped in any way whatsoever: Thank you very much! The visitors were very enthusiastic. Especially 'our story your story' with the embroidered items such as pictures of the family garment were very popular. Five stores and two online shops have indicated to include Penduka in their product range. The weekly and monthly magazines Libelle and Happinez intend to put Penduka in the spotlight next year.

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