I come from Omaalala, the Oshana region in the North of Namibia. When I grew up, I attended a sewing school and somebody told me that Penduka was looking for a seamstress. In 2002, I had a 3 mon th trial period at Penduka, and after that I stayed. I now live in Havana, Katatura, and still work in the sewing department. I makes everything from tablecloths to dolls, the latter I de signed myself. My sister also works at Penduka. In my own family, I am the only one who earns money, as my husband doesn’t work. I have 4 children and Penduka helps to buy bread and pay schoolfees for 2 of them. My heart lies in the project, but the money is too little nowadays to survive. In the beginning, this job p aid for everything, but now Namibia became very expensive.