I was born in Karibib but when I was 7 years old, I came with my family to Windhoek. Currently, I live in Wanaheda, an outskirts part of the city, with my mother, brother, sister and my 14 year old son. I came to work at Penduka in 1992, after I had been in a car accident and for a long time in a coma. My mother had heard of Penduka via a friend. She was quite in despair about me, as I had severe damage and could not go to school or obtain a job. Nowadays, I work at the textile production department and do African batik. Before that, I worked in the kitchen and looked after the Penduka accommodation (our tourist rondavels and dorms).

In our family, luckily, I don’t have to be the main caretaker, as my mother, brother and sister work as well. This meant however that my son had to stay alone at home until I got home, which worried me a lot at times. By now however, he is a big and strong boy. For me, Penduka means “everything”. I learned a lot and do get appreciation for the work I do. I am very good in mixing colours for the African batiks. And I overcame my general difficulties at working together with people