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Penduka is a remarkable tale of ongoing success, woven together by the skilled hands of resilient women. Founded and nurtured by visionary female leaders, our proudly Namibian enterprise stands as a beacon of empowerment for vulnerable women from marginalized communities for more than 30 years. Our mission is clear: to provide these women with opportunities to earn a sustainable income, improve their families' livelihoods, and uplift their entire communities. 

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The name ‘Penduka’ originates from both the Otjiherero and Oshiwambo languages, meaning Wake up!

At Penduka, women who have been systematically disconnected from economic opportunity, are encouraged and propelled to take the initiative to help themselves. In the process their self-worth and confidence are restored, helping to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty. 

Penduka Village in Namibia.


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Join us in this empowering journey as we continue to weave together a tapestry of success, one stitch at a time.

At Penduka, women are encouraged and propelled to take the initiative to become financially independent. In the process, their self confidence and sense of self are reimagined, helping to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty.


Hand-intensive techniques are done with basic tools that enable Penduka to employ and train artisans, who, due to the lack of capital, proximity, or background, such as living in rural areas without electricity and basic tools, would not otherwise be able to enter the job market. 

In this way, we provide fair and sustainable work for such individuals and communities. 

Committed to creating a long-standing impact in communities, we endeavor to create sustainable income and inclusive growth for each and every artisan that we collaborate with. 

Let the beauty we love become the good we do

- Rumi

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