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Nestled alongside the picturesque Goreangab Dam in Katutura, one of Windhoek's western vibrant townships, lies Penduka Village. This unique destination houses the Penduka manufacturing and hospitality facilities, where exceptional handmade products are meticulously crafted, and a range of recreational amenities are set amidst the beauty of nature.  Penduka Village welcomes all to our grounds, to experience the tranquility, beauty, and warmth that is fostered daily by the Penduka team.

Vegetables from the Penduka garden

What we offer

At Penduka Village, we take great pride in the fact that all our facilities and activities are managed by our motivated and committed team of Penduka women. These remarkable individuals embody the spirit of Penduka, infusing their passion and craftsmanship into every aspect of our operations. By supporting Penduka Village, you contribute directly to the empowerment and economic upliftment of these talented individuals.

Once you’re at Penduka, we invite you to stay a while. Fill your time with a variety of recreational activities designed to allow guests to engage in leisurely pursuits while enjoying the natural beauty of our surroundings.  Recreational activities offered include pedal boat rides on the reservoir, sundowners & picnics on our lawn, tours through the vibrant Katutura informal settlements, and batik and jewelry-making workshops. Kindly note that these activities should be booked in advance.

We invite you to be a part of our journey. Step into our restaurant and savor a home-cooked meal prepared with love, and indulge in the flavors of Namibia. For those seeking a peaceful getaway, our accommodation facilities offer a comfortable retreat, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a serene and culturally rich experience. Beyond our culinary and lodging offerings, Penduka Village provides conference facilities for those seeking a distinctive venue to host their events. 

With our unique atmosphere and dedicated staff, we ensure a memorable experience for all guests.

The Penduka facilities

Penduka shop at namibia


Penduka event room


penduka hotel


Activities at Penduka

woman doing embroidery


Experience the magic of creativity by taking a tour of Penduka's diverse production departments & other projects. Witness firsthand the skill and dedication that goes into crafting our goods.


Penduka is not just about creating and selling beautiful items; it's about sharing the stories behind them and the incredible individuals who bring them to life. We take immense pride in every piece we create, recognizing the intrinsic value and significance they hold for our customers. At Penduka, we skillfully blend traditional craftsmanship with artistic innovation, infusing each item with a unique touch.


Tours of the Penduka premises are complementary and do not need to be booked ahead of time. If you are interested in booking tours outside of Penduka to see the vibrant neighborhoods of the Katutura township, or explore the local street meat market at Single Quarters, or take a nature walk through the Windhoek Game Reserve at Daan Viljoen, please call or email to inquire about special tour packages and rates.


Unleash your creativity and learn new skills through our engaging batik and jewelry-making workshops. Led by our talented women artisans, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to delve into the world of craftsmanship while creating your own masterpieces.  Our workshops are tailored for visiting tourists seeking an immersive cultural experience and for teams looking to enhance their collaboration through a creative team-building exercise.

To book a tour or workshop, please reach out to us via email or telephone.  Discover the essence of Penduka and witness the transformative power of creativity.

woman with jewelery
woman dancing


The Penduka team is filled with diversity and culture. We love sharing our cultures and creating deeper connections with all interested guests. Immerse yourself in some tribal experiences at Penduka by booking a traditional Oshiwambo lunch and cultural dance performance. 


We also offer traditional cooking lessons. Call or email to inquire about booking a personalized cooking experience where you can learn how to braai your own Namibian meat and bread or how to pound traditional mahangu flour into a popular fermented Namibian drink. 


Whether you are looking for a calm sunny day on the water, or the best view of the sunset at Penduka, our pedal boats are always available for rent. The boats come equipped with a sun sail and life vests. We recommend you pedal over to the dam where the water flows beautifully and you can sometimes spot monkeys. 

penduka pedal boats
penduka children educational playground


We are thrilled to present our latest project—an innovative educational playground designed to engage children with a central theme centered around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This unique playground utilizes a range of recycled and free-issue materials, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.
Our playground offers a transformative space for local and visiting children, providing them with opportunities to enhance essential developmental skills across social, emotional, cognitive, and physical domains. Through interactive play and exploration, children will not only strengthen their abilities but also gain valuable insights into the SDGs, empowering them to become global citizens and advocates for a more sustainable future.

We invite you to book our playground for fun children's parties or enriching school field trips. Experience the joy of learning through play, as children engage in meaningful activities that promote awareness, creativity, and teamwork.


At Penduka we believe in practicing sustainability in many ways. We have two large gardens - a traditional vegetable garden and an aquaponics herb garden. Near the herb garden, you’ll also find a chicken coop which sources eggs for us daily. Our garden projects were started as a way to ensure nutritional food security for our women and their households. As our vegetable gardens have grown over time, they now also supply our restaurant with fresh produce such as spinach, peppers, carrots, and corn.


Come check out our Penduka gardens and chickens or order a Garden Salad from our restaurant to enjoy a true farm-to-table meal. 

penduka garden
penduka shop


Discover a world of handmade craft at our shop located within the premises of Penduka. Each Penduka product is infused with love, care, and a unique story straight from the hands of its crafter. From beautifully embroidered homeware, to functional bags and aprons, you'll find a range of high-quality products that blend style with functionality. Our collection of upcycled jewelry showcases exquisite craftsmanship and captivating designs. Visit our shop and find the perfect memento or gift for you or your loved ones.



Indulge in the delights of our Penduka Restaurant, where you can savor a wholesome and delectable home-cooked meal. Whether you choose to dine in the cozy ambiance of our restaurant or bask in the scenic beauty of our terrace, overlooking the enchanting dam, we promise an unforgettable culinary experience.


Open for breakfast and lunch, our restaurant offers a daily a la carte menu. We gladly cater to special requests. Whether you desire a memorable dining experience, a delightful picnic on our lush grass, or a tempting snack platter, our team is here to fulfill your culinary wishes. Please note that bookings are necessary for these special requests.


At Penduka, you are promised a traditional Namibian experience. We believe food plays a huge role in understanding a culture. Don't miss the opportunity to savor kapana, a succulent meat grilled over an open fire, infused with the tantalizing kapana spice.  Indulge in the unique taste of mahangu, a locally grown crop that adds a distinctive touch to our culinary creations. And of course, our vetkoek and freshly baked bread are always a crowd favorite.


Join us as we invite you to experience the perfect blend of exceptional cuisine and the breathtaking surroundings that make dining with us an unforgettable affair.

When booking a table for the same day, please make a reservation by phone +264812079911


Our conference room, restaurant, terrace, and lawn offer you the ideal and affordable solution to all your celebratory functions, events & conferencing needs. Catering is done in-house by our restaurant, which has an extensive list of customizable menu options.

Be it a big event or a smaller, personal gathering, a business retreat, or a strategy session with your team, Penduka is flexible to a host of possibilities.  

Contact us for a quotation or for more detailed information.

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