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Penduka Global Network ⚫ shared stories and experiences

Located at the heart of Namibia, Penduka stands as a dynamic and innovative organisation that has impacted numerous lives through its remarkable collaborations and unwavering commitment to empowerment.


For years, Penduka has been a bridge connecting artists, students, and individuals from diverse corners of the world, all united by a shared passion for creativity, cultural exchange, and social progress. 


Upon their return home, these global voyagers carry more than mere memories. The handcrafted Penduka products not only disseminate the skills and craftsmanship of our team to various places but also infuse the spirit of resilience and empowerment that embodies our organisation's ethos into countless hearts.


You are welcome to visit Penduka again and create new memories, however, in the digital age, the bonds forged at Penduka know no boundaries. Our global network remains connected through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where we continue to share journeys, collaborations, and inspirations.


We have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people. Some maintain personal connections with us, while others seek opportunities for collaboration within their extensive personal or professional networks. We deeply appreciate all our volunteers around the world.


At Penduka, we place a strong emphasis on cultivating enduring relationships with partners on both national and international fronts. These partners include non-governmental organisations, artists, and educational establishments, spanning a diverse array of sectors and disciplines.

We cherish the collaboration with Socialbnb, Soroptimisten Bochum, Eames Demetrios, Wilde Ganzen, 11.11.11, Buro Reng, Studiolet, Design Academy Eindhoven, Thomas More Mechelen, Vlerick Business School, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Namibia, Namibia Craft Centre, Peace Corps, Pack Safaris Tour Company, Springtime Foundation, Harlingse Boys, Roodwitrose, Inholland-Alkmaar, Sint-Jozefsinstituut Betekom, Partin, Trooper, VDWACCG Adventures, …  If your organisation's name hasn't been mentioned yet, please know that your contributions are equally valued and integral to the success of Penduka - collaborations are dynamic, and we are happy to add you to our network.


Thank you for your visit, your interest, your invaluable contribution as a volunteer or your generous financial support. At Penduka, we deeply appreciate your involvement. Stay connected as we continue our journey together.

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