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Penduka Korea Trading

Penduka Korea Trading's journey began through a serendipitous collaboration with a visionary Korean student, Young Shin Sim, at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It was during this encounter that Young Shin Sim crossed paths with the guest speaker, Mrs. Christine Roos, representing Penduka. The inaugural step on this international partnership took place in May 2012, when Christien Roos embarked on a transformative visit to Korea. This initial interaction laid the foundation for a reciprocal visit by Mr. Jay Lim from the Fair Story, to Penduka in September 2013.

Subsequent to these meetings, discussions ensued, paving the way for the inception of our collaborative endeavors. The dedicated team at Penduka was privileged to engage with Fair Story, whose professionals swiftly devised a dynamic promotion and marketing strategy. This strategy has continually evolved in response to shifting global paradigms over the years. Introducing a meticulously structured order strategy, complete with visual depictions, embroidery plans, and a comprehensive palette of colour codes, further enhanced our collaborative vision.


But our partnership goes beyond just business. The kind-hearted Fair Story team demonstrated genuine concern for the welfare and empowerment of women. Their contributions extended to various domains, including the procurement of furniture such as chairs and tables, provision of shading solutions for the embroidery artisans residing in the informal settlement of Otjiwarongo, as well as enhancements to the ambiance of Penduka's terrace through new furnishings. These impactful gestures resonated deeply with Penduka, reflecting the shared commitment to holistic development.


Moreover, the collaborative synergy between Namibian and Korean artisans flourished, fostering dynamic avenues for product innovation and artistic exchange. Song, the former creative mind behind Fair Story (Penduka Korea Trading), has assumed a pivotal role in orchestrating the business facets of the enterprise since July 1.

The story is still unfolding, weaving a tapestry of achievements, creativity, and progress. Our partnership between Penduka and Fair Story is a shining example of how working together across countries can create positive changes and lift up communities. We're really looking forward to what the future holds – more successful collaboration and the realisation of Penduka's important mission.

Penduka Korea Trading board members

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