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Handcrafts hold significant importance at Penduka for several reasons. Primarily, artisan craft serves as the second largest employment sector in developing countries across the globe. It acts as a vital source of income for both men and women, enabling them to attain sustainable livelihoods.

Beyond its economic benefits, engaging in crafts provides a therapeutic escape from the daily stresses and pressures of life. Craft activities, such as painting, sewing, and embroidery, encourage repetitive actions and the continuous improvement of skills, fostering a sense of mental calmness amidst constant stimulation. Crafting can be seen as a form of "mindfulness" practice, offering mental and even physical health benefits.

At Penduka, we believe in utilizing crafts not only as a means of diversional therapy, which helps individuals take their minds off stressful and negative thoughts, but also as a platform for empowering women through skill development. By honing their creative abilities, women can gain a sense of empowerment and self-assurance.

At Penduka, crafts serve as a pathway to economic sustainability, a source of therapeutic solace, and a means to empower women. By embracing the world of crafts, we aim to enhance both the individual and collective well-being of our community.

Penduka woman making items


At Penduka, we believe that peer group learning plays a crucial role in skills transfer. We actively encourage women who attend our embroidery workshops to share their newfound skills with other community members who may not have the opportunity to participate directly.

Peer teaching brings numerous advantages to both the learners and the instructors involved. One of the key benefits is that being taught by a peer can break down barriers and create a more comfortable learning environment. Students often feel at ease when learning from someone they can relate to, which leads to increased engagement and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Simultaneously, peer teaching provides an opportunity for the "teacher" to enhance their own skills and gain confidence in their abilities. By instructing others, they sharpen their expertise, develop a sense of personal value, and experience a boost in self-confidence. 

This mutual exchange of knowledge and support creates a positive cycle of growth and empowerment within the community.

Through peer learning, we strive to cultivate a more personalized and inclusive learning experience for everyone involved. By harnessing the collective wisdom and talents of our community members, we foster an environment where individuals can learn from one another, build connections, and unlock their full potential.

At Penduka, we celebrate the power of peer group learning as a transformative tool for personal and community development. It is through this collaborative approach that we continue to empower women, inspire creativity, and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Our products

Each individual product crafted at Penduka comes with a story embedded into it. We take great pride and care in crafting each piece for our customers, understanding the value and significance that they hold. 


Our product line comprises a unique line of handmade homeware and embroidered products created with passion and dedication. We take great pride in our work and believe that our quality speaks for itself.


Fundamentally, we uphold Fair Trade principles and our artisans reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials wherever possible. We serve those who seek meaning in what they buy. 

Our complete collection includes decorative items such as scatter cushion covers and embroidered wall art to functional items such as bags, aprons, tableware, and bed linen. 

At Penduka we skilfully incorporate artistic traditional craftsmanship into every item manufactured - no factory-scaled mass production here. Each individual article is handmade to the highest Penduka quality and standards. 

This, combined with flattering designs and a flair for colour, ensures a unique Penduka offering. 

In a world proliferated by industrialised products, we offer a different aesthetic, one that is uniquely differentiated - no two pieces are exactly alike because human hands create each one. 

jewelery pieces


embroidery in group


Penduka's signature 'village embroidery' tells stories of everyday life in rural Namibia, showcasing the traditional skills passed down through generations. These embroidered stories are produced in standardised colours, but you have the option to customise the embroidery color to suit your personal preference.

In areas where paid job opportunities are scarce and distant, Penduka allows women to earn an income while staying close to their families. The initiative allows them to secure a livelihood, foster economic independence, personal growth, and cherish family ties. 


Currently, Penduka operates numerous embroidery groups primarily based around the capital Windhoek and in Otjiwarongo, a town 250 km north of Windhoek. Each group has a coordinator to manage production and address social issues.


To ensure top-notch quality, all embroidered pieces undergo meticulous quality control at our workshop in Windhoek. Selected items are shipped as semi-fabricated to the Netherlands or South Korea, where the unique 'Penduka touch' is added to locally manufactured products. This approach promotes sustainability by reducing shipping weight and creating local job opportunities, aligning with our commitment to meaningful narratives, economic growth, and ecological consciousness.


At Penduka we carry on the tradition of Batik using a unique paint-resistant method that relies on available natural materials to create beautiful products. Our paste, made from a blend of natural fibres and water, is carefully boiled to achieve a smooth, thick consistency. This paste acts as a barrier preventing paint or dye from penetrating the areas it covers. During handling of the material, the paste ‘cracks’ allowing lines of colour to come through. 

To stay true to our commitment to the environment, we exclusively use eco-friendly water-based paints, resulting in exquisite creations that will stand the test of time.  Currently, we're venturing into the realm of natural plant-based dye, further embracing sustainable practices in our artistic endeavours.


Creating batik, with patterns applied by hand, tends to bring unexpected elements of surprise and delight in the final product.

batik creations
jewelery making


Our jewellery collection offers a diverse range of styles, from delicate to vibrant and bold. Each piece is handcrafted, resulting in a truly unique collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that allow you to express your personal style and story. 


Our artisans drive the entire creation process, drawing inspiration from their own experiences and cultural landscapes


By incorporating recycled glass and repurposed materials into our jewellery collection, we not only reduce waste and environmental impact but also celebrate the inherent beauty and potential of repurposed materials. 


The occasional scarcity of materials challenges us to constantly explore new crafting techniques and materials, igniting our passion for handcrafted jewelry and driving us to acquire more skills along the way.


At Penduka, we firmly believe in the principles of sustainable business, encompassing economic, environmental, and social considerations. 

Our jewellery collection showcases our commitment to sustainability through the innovative use of recycled materials, including glass beads made from repurposed glass bottles. 

This process begins with the collection of discarded glass bottles, which are then carefully crushed, melted, and skillfully moulded into unique and authentic jewellery components.


The whole process is managed by a talented group of hearing-impaired women. Through Penduka's comprehensive training program, they have acquired the skills and expertise needed to master the art of creating exquisite glass beads and crafting beautiful jewellery. Each piece tells a story of transformation, turning discarded glass into wearable art that exudes charm and sustainability.


Choosing Penduka's jewellery allows you to make a conscious fashion statement while supporting the empowerment of women and promoting environmental stewardship. Join us in embracing diversity and making a positive impact through the power of beautifully crafted recycled materials.

Together, we can create a more sustainable future, one bead at a time.

upcycling oven
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