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Wilde Ganzen Foundation

We are proud to share our partnership with the Wilde Ganzen Foundation, a distinguished Dutch NGO established in 1957 with a mission to combat poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives. Their belief in empowering communities to drive their own development aligns perfectly with Penduka's vision.

The Wilde Ganzen Foundation supports community-based organizations in the Global South and their fundraising partners in the Netherlands and Belgium through their grantmaking, technical assistance, expertise, and extensive networks.

At Penduka, we operate under the Wilde Ganzen  'partnership' model as from 2009. We take full ownership and responsibility for the project application and implementation, while the Wilde Ganzen 'Private Development Initiative' (PDI), in our case, Penduka Foundation, raises funds in the Netherlands to support us.

When Wilde Ganzen Foundation chooses to support our project proposal, they generously commit to providing 50% of additional funding to the PDI's fundraising efforts. For every euro raised, they add 50 cents, significantly boosting our capacity to achieve our goals. Moreover, they offer invaluable support and expertise, ensuring that our initiatives are implemented smartly, and responsibly.

Penduka's current project, backed by Wilde Ganzen, focuses on capacity building for our women. Empowering women through skills training is essential for effective leadership and growth. In 2023, we'll offer diverse training opportunities in communication, leadership, culinary skills, management, and marketing to enhance their abilities and create greater social impact.

We are grateful for Wilde Ganzen's unwavering support, steering Penduka towards financial independence and empowering our women to reach their full potential.

Read more about the capacity building under ‘News’

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